Hello from 30000 feet! My new love for Turkish Airlines

Am I on an airplane?! Really?!
Am I on an airplane?! Really?!

Ok, so in what will undoubtedly be the most luxurious experience of this entire trip, I somehow managed to book myself a comfort class ticket for the Toronto to Istanbul leg of my journey to Khartoum. The upside of which is that it’s basically business class or first class on some lesser carriers… Things I’ve found so far:

  • The seat reclines sooooo far. I don’t have a protractor to measure it, but it’s significant!
  • It’s a lazyboy sized chair
  • It’s got a footrest that comes out
  • There’s roughly two feet between my knees and the seat in front of me.
  • The entertainment system comes out of the arm rest and has about 500 movies as far as I can tell.
  • I’ve got USB plugs, 110V AC, a network plug (in case wifi doesn’t work)
  • WIFI! wtf? I’m writing this from a few miles above the Atlantic Ocean! How is technology so amazing all of the time?
  • I got these huge nice headphones that actually sound pretty good. Over-ear style.
  • There’s a little kit that came with my seat, it’s got lipbalm, hand cream, hair ties, a little sticky for “wake me for meals” or “leave me alone to sleep”, a toothbrush and toothpaste, omg earplugs!
  • I got slippers! And socks! The socks have sticky bits on the bottom so the slippers stay on better. This is pretty much the most amazing thing that’s ever happened to me on a flight.
  • Hot cloth for washing my face/head. I needed that.
  • I got this nice printed menu, and the most elegant looking plane food ever. I tried the Roast Beef w/ yoghurt dressing, herbs, avocados, tomatoes, arugula, and frisee. It was ok. I didn’t try the Potpourii of Seafood. 🙁 I need to be hungrier! Not bad though for being all on my own.
  • I ordered “Cola Light” (Diet Coke) and some Whiskey, and there had to be about 3oz of Whiskey in 4oz of drink. I’m getting drunker by the second, so excuse the rest of this blog post. Oh god, the drink cart is coming back already.
  • I just got fresh baked bread! From a guy wearing a cook uniform! omg I hope I can score some seconds.

The flight isn’t even over! Who knows what amazingness is on the way? I think I’m going to look at the price of upgrading my ticket home to this class… Because my overall cost was not that high, and comparable to economy on other carriers. I’d say this experience is worth at least $100. And I’m a cheap bastard.


On the minus side, the flight was delayed like 3.5 hours waiting in line for the deicer at Toronto International, but since I had 5.5 hours of layover in Istanbul anyways, I hope this will work out. There’s only one flight a day from there to Khartoum, so I’d better make it.

Why did I drink that drink?!

Oh, and I’m totally not eating dinner. Not nearly hungry enough to try the pasta option, and as many of you know, I react when eating chicken… Definitely would not be fun on the plane!

Maybe I’ll update this later with more amazing secrets Turkish Airlines has in store for me, but so far this is the most amazing flight experience I’ve ever had. Why aren’t they all like this? I only paid $2k for 6 flights including this one… It should be doable!!

Sorry this isn’t TDA or Bike related, but man, this airline is amazing.

Much love,

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  1. West Jet….step it up!! Glad you’re having a great flight experience though Scott!! It will be a nice treat before you hit the gravelly roads!! 🙂

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