Weekend Training, Genetics…

Had a pretty great weekend of training! Ran Friday, Saturday, and Sunday… And technically set 10K records both Saturday and Sunday! Saturday’s was a bit cheap though, I think I’d actually ran a faster 10K before but Strava had it as 9.99 or something so it didn’t list. Sunday’s was a clear winner though, 42:09 and only a HR of 159! I can totally drop under 40 someday soon, or during a race perhaps. 🙂 Look forward to it!

In other news, I’ve been reading this book, The Sports Gene by David Epstein for the past few weeks (little time for reading), but like every page is riveting information about the effects of genetics on training, health, athleticism… Man, it’s cool! It inspired me today to order genetics testing from 23andme! So excited! And nervous!!

Today was training at Talisman, pretty good too… I really need to do a lot of brick workouts if I’m going to  do any more triathlons, and that’s what Mondays are about. 😀 Pretty good!

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