Talisman Tri Club Run VO2Max Testing

I kind of wish I went a bit harder on this, but we did some VO2Maxish testing last night at Talisman… The idea was to start at 5 mph on the treadmill and step up 0.5 mph every 60 seconds until you couldn’t run 60 seconds at that speed. Before the test we looked at the little sheet on the wall that outlined the different zones for running in depending on what your top speed was (but nothing actually stated the VO2Max levels for a certain speed. I’d like to try and find that out..)

Anyways, it was implied that 12.0 mph was the peak of the test and no one ever really obtained that in these tri classes. I made it to 11.5 mph… I was pretty exhausted, but not nearly as exhausted as after the CRR relay on Sunday, so I’m wondering if I could’ve pushed it more. I should’ve given 12.0 mph a chance. Next time! If anyone ever reads this and knows the name of this sort of test so I could find some VO2 numbers, let me know!

CRR XC Confederation Park Relay

Every fall Calgary Road Runners puts on a 3 x 4km cross-country relay in Confederation Park, which is actually more like 3 x 3.3km, but usually super fun! This was my first year competing in it but lots of friends have done it in the past. Basically CRR puts on a bunch of XC races all winter long, but starts it off (well, ok, 2nd race of the year) with this relay. Each only costs $7-10, usually you can sign up the day of, you bring a dessert (like everyone else) and some people bring soup, and you run and eat. Fun!

This year I ran with friends Aleks and Jordan, both pretty fast guys! Jordan had just ran the Victoria Marathon the week before, Aleks has been taking some time off after a concussion last year, and I just ran Grizzly last week too. Despite this, we hoped to place! We ended up 4th. 🙁 haha. Oh well, super super fun, and the desserts were awesome as usual. People praised the soup too, I’m just not a soup fan, so I didn’t have any! 🙂

Our team ran a total of 38:37 and my leg was 12:32! My UCTC friends came in 2nd and all of them beat me, upsettingly.. hah.. but not by much, and it was really hard pushing myself with no one in front or behind that I could see for basically the entire leg.

Just went to look for pictures on CRR’s site and I couldn’t find any of me. Alas! Well, here’s my Strava of the race. That’ll have to do ’til I find some pictures. 🙂